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          Impact Modifier


          Shinepoly? SN2085  modifier is a core-shell impact modifier with high Silicon rubber content that  provides superior low temperature impact performance. Because of the  core-shell structure, the improvement in impact performance is obtained with  only minor effect on other mechanical properties such as modulus and heat  distortion temperature.

          Shinepoly? SN2085 modifier also provides the following benefits:

          *  Widely used in both engineering  plastic and general plastic.

          *  High impact efficiency at low  addition

          *  Flame retardancy, smoke  suppression

          *  Wetting and lubrication

          Physical properties:


          free-flowing white powder

          Bulk density


          Particle size

          < 10mesh

          Tg of core



          Shinepoly? SN2085 is especially useful where low temperature impact is  required. Mainly used for improving the impact resistance and ESCR of PC or  other engineering Platics. The applications include automotive parts such  asbumpers and body panels, appliances such as blender housings, housings for  electronic components such as computers and cell phones, and thermoset  adhesives.

          Processing Guide:

          SN2085 can be directly added into the formulation during plastic  compound extrusion.
           0.5-5% on total formulation.


          2 years, below 30. Store in a cool, dry place.


          20kg per carton. 


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