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          Polymer Processing Aid

          Product Features:

          Rheopoly?PPA 3524 is free flow, 20mesh white granular form  which has 97% active ingredient. At a very low level addition (200-1200ppm), it can improve PE processing, and does not  affect  the original physical property  of the plastics as well as sealing, adhesion and printing. It can be used for  mLLDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE, EVA and other polyolefin resins.

          Product Form:

          White to off-white granular


          Wire & Cable,Pipe

          Physical properties:

          Bulk Density


          Particle Size

          25 mesh

          Volatile (105 1h)%


          Processing Guide:

          Rheopoly?PPA 3524 dispersion in the resin is critical to the  performance. The recommended process is to add PPA via 2% to 3% masterbatch  through twin-screw extruder. The conditioning time is 20-60mins according to  the equipment, resin and shear rate.


          - Improve film surface quality by eliminating melt frature

          - Shorten down time by reducing die build up

          - Increase the ratio of LLDPE in LLDPE/LDPE blends for lower cost ,  higher quality

          - Increase output and energy saving

          Shelf life:

          2 years, below 30, avoid extensive humidity and light


          Net 20kg, per carton


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