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          Current location: About > Culture

          Corporate Thought: Science lighting the future


          Operation Thought: Precise, Practical, Pioneering, Innovative


          Corporate Spirit: Sincere Cooperation, Learning and Innovating, Being Dedicated and Focused


          On devoting ourselves to technology development and service excellence,

          we wish to be your trustable partners.


          Being customers' partner by problem solving and quality improvement.


          Being supplier's partner by advising on service and quality improvementof raw materials


          Being employee's partner by improving working environment and personal development opportunity


          Being nature's partner by developing environment-friendly product.

          Contact us

          Address:Rm.901, Exchange Center, Tianan Hi-Tech Park, Panyu District, Guangzhou 511400, P.R.C

          Tel:(8620) 39388509 

          Fax:(8620) 39388939


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